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I am a grumpy old man and I desperately need something to complain about. But I couldnt find anything to make me mad at Zesty Zzekes. The food was GREAT. The portions were BIG ENOUGH for me to make 2 or 3 meals out of the entres. It was delivered ON TIME. And get this: EVERYTHING WE ORDERED WAS IN THE BAG! IM NOT JOKING!! (I think thats illegal in some states).

And this was our SECOND perfect order from Zzekes in less than a week. I thought the first MIGHT be a fluke or a trick to lure us into a false sense of security before they undercooked this or left out that. But the joke was on me again. I still FOUND NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. Dang!

But all is not perfect. Yes, Im full and satisfied. Plus, Im even in a pretty good mood (weird). But something is wrong! I still need SOMETHING TO COMPLAIN about. I wanna protest! I wanna picket! I wanna write letters to my congressman!! Alas, my quest for conspiracy continues.

So, if youre looking for a place to make you boiling mad stay away from Zzekes They will only make you feel good. Those guys CANT GET ANYTHING WRONG!


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I finished eating 30 minutes before my order was supposed to arrive. These guys are lightning fast with the delivery! Not only that, the pizza was fantastic. I ordered a Pepperoni and Sausage and the fried mac and cheese wedges. Whoever invented fried mac and cheese, by the way, deserves some sort of award or medal. The pizza was REALLY flavorful. The toppings were spicy and plentiful. The sauce was delicious. The crust was light and fluffy - not sure if they toss the crust, but it tastes like it. Tossing isn't just for show, it adds tiny air bubbles into the dough and gives it life. Most places around here don't do that and you often either get flat or dense crust. Zzeek's must be doing something right because their crust was great. Anyway, I'm currently sitting here in my food coma writing this review. I'm definitely going to order from these guys again. If they're as consistent as my meal today was delicious, this will become my usual spot.


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Delivery was super fast and the food was tasty! Pizza Fries with added Pepperoni was yummy. The Bone-In Medium Wings was pretty much what you'd expect for wings. The Chicago Sub was delish and the Eegee's Strawberry was awesome for a hot summer's day. I'll try their pizza next time!


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Zzeeks has become our go-to place for pizza. 1st off they have Eegee's which for a former Tucsonan like me scores huge points. Their drivers are friendly, fast, and the food always arrives hot. Love Zzeeks!


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The wings were delicious the carrots were crunky and great. The salad could have been greener, but overall I was highly satisfied and will take my family.

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